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A message from priciplal

The path forward is a century driven by the force of knowledge.

It demands people with independent thinking, innovation,

team spirit and the aspiration for challenges.

The history sketch of Wufu junior high school

Wufu Junior High School was founded in 1966, located in Lin-de-guan, a deserted and undeveloped area in Kaohsiung City. The school was first named Kaohsiung Twelfth Junior High School. Through the management of several principles, including Mr. Huang Siao-Wu, Mr. Lin Mao-Rong, Mr. Deng Dun-Lai, Mr. Chen Ping-He and Mr. Yeh Tien-Hung, the present principle, the school is gradually developed and heads to a brighter future.

In the beginningˇK

Before building the school, there were several challenges needed to be accomplished in the beginning of foundation. First, the groundwork of the school land was Needed to be reorganized, which included farmland and factories. Second, the illegal buildings were needed to be torn down through negotiation with the owners.

Later on, the campus environment was built with careful design. In order to engage the students into a comfortable education environment, two pieces of grass fields near the front gate and the Pond of History Remembrance were established. Furthermore, the Center of Art Skill was established in order to meet the need of broadening studentsˇ¦ talent of art. The building includes a Demonstration Hall, science laboratories, classrooms for sewing and cooking, and gym. The advanced equipments enable students to exercise and learn with best comfort.


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